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First-Class Meat for your family!

WindmillOur meat is available in quarters, halves or whole animals. It is conveniently cut, wrapped and ready for the freezer. (Quarters will represent an equal distribution of cuts, as opposed to front or hind quarters.)

Price is currently $5.95 per pound, based on the hanging carcass weight. This weight will be approximately 60% of the live weight and will yield approximately 70% of the carcass weight in packaged meat. This price does not include delivery of the meat. Your meat can be picked up at our ranch or our processor in Colorado Springs. If delivery is required, other arrangements will need to be made.

For Example: (These weights are approximate and will vary by animal. Prices subject to change.)
1000 lb. Bull (Live weight) x .60 (Live to Carcass weight) = 600 lb. Carcass
600 lb. Carcass x 5.95 per pound = $3,570 Final Cost.

600 lb. Carcass x .68 (Calculate final yield weight) = 408 lb. Packaged Meat
$3,570 / 408 lb. Packaged Meat = Approx. $8.75 per pound on the Packaged Meat. This will include all your steaks, roasts, burger and other miscellaneous cuts.

"The meat is absolutely wonderful, my kid's love it...
it's healthy, lean and has a wonderful flavor!"
Mark W. - Hugo, Colorado


We placed first at the National Bison Association Show and Sale during January, 2004. Our carcass was purchased by Ted's Montana Grill!
2204 Market Bison Class

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